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Kulani Engineering
Kulani Engineering
Kulani Engineering


Kulani EC is a distinctly, and proudly, South African company committed to transforming the face of civil engineering. The majority of Kulani EC’s full-time staff complement is majority female, and the company holds a Level 1 BEE rating.

Kulani EC can trace its origins back to 2007, when it was established as the holding company of business interests for the Kulani Group of companies. In 2014, the group consolidated its business to form Kulani EC Pty Ltd, trading as Kulani EC Group.

Making effective use of existing resources, renewable energy, and local talent

The group operates with the aim of creating, and improving, public and private sector engineering projects that make effective use of existing resources, renewable energy, and local talent. With its roots entrenched in engineering, it is fast earning an excellent reputation within the civil and structural engineering industry, and the renewable energy market.

We work alongside our wide range of clients to create holistic, tailored energy and engineering solutions that are economical, efficient and aesthetically consistent. Our growing team has the experience, the expertise and the initiative to provide a service that ensures both immediate return on investment, and long-term value.

Kurisani Maswanganyi

”It’s not enough to just do good work, we have to do good with our work as well. That’s why I started this company, because I wanted to start something that would create a legacy that my team and I- and perhaps, eventually, the whole country- could be proud of.”

Kurisani Maswanganyi
Managing Director of Kulani EC Group


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Our Quality Policy

Kulani EC Group, its top management and employees, strives and commits themselves to the following:

  • To employ its network of technically competent individuals and organizations in providing flexibility to its offering thus delivering the required excellent services to its clients.
  • To deliver credible solutions to the industry by ensuring our designs and services conform to modern quality standards and best practices.
  • To provide engineering solutions that adds value to our client’s strategic and operational goals.
  • In pursuit of service excellence, to ensure that our services are driven by the client’s needs with a view towards building long-term partnerships.
  • To establish solid partnerships with various specialist consulting companies with expertise in engineering, environmental management and transport engineering.
  • To offer our clients a robust and knowledgeable consulting team that spreads across a broader.

Our Divisions